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Established in 2011, G.S.N. Associates (GSN, erstwhile under the name Gautam Shankar & Associates) is
a growing firm and has a deep understanding of the local economy. At GSN, we are continuously looking for avenues to assimilate value added knowledge, for our people, for our clients and for the society as a whole.

We aim to alloy a perfect blend of professionalism with high standards of service, in our pursuit of excellence. In pursuit of our effort, we consistently adhere to our values and our mission, of adding value to every responsibility endowed upon us. In an era, which is a metamorphosis of the old and new, where the only
thing remaining constant is change, we have, and will continue to fulfill our promise of value added professional services.

The firm specializes in business advice and consultation, tax planning and accounting and auditing services. GSN‘s continuous Endeavour is to render competent and International class professional services to our esteemed clients, for which the firm uses methodologies and techniques in accordance with the International and national Accounting and Audit Standards. To augment to the services available, we have developed the capability to collect, mobilize and organize project teams from a pool of affiliated institutions and professional consultants and practitioners.

GSN has a nationwide practice of partners and other professionals committed to serving the public sector.Their in-depth knowledge and experience enables us to provide clients with insights firmly grounded in understanding the business challenges of the current economic environment.

Our philosophy and practice is to blend the technical, the practice and
the business approach in each engagement. Our techniques are
designed to identify business issue and provide relevant assistant to meet
challenges. We advise in designing of accounting system and provide
with practical business oriented solutions to the numerous information

Integrity – Always dealing with our clients and our colleagues in an independent and ethical manner; gaining trust through our actions and constantly striving to uphold the highest professional standards.


Valuing People – We believe that our success depends first and foremost on people. By respecting people in everything we do, we will develop and maintain high quality, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, professional colleagues, referral sources, vendors, community members and each other.


Building Client Relationships – We seek to earn long-term client loyalty by developing a deep understanding of each client’s business and personal goals, by demonstrating unwavering reliability and integrity in our work and by acting as an independent and objective advisor to our clients.


Open and honest – We believe in sharing information, insight, and advice frequently and constructively, and managing tough situations with courage and candor.


Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility – We are committed to being a responsible corporate citizens and playing a leading role in achieving a sustainable future.

  • To consider the specific requirements and real life challenges of our clients and provide solutions to them and striving towards improvement in performance in an ever-changing business environment.
  • To meet the needs in a professionally competent way and aspire for total customer satisfaction and those of the general public;
  • To acknowledge the opportunity to assist our clients for implementation of the solutions we provide. This demonstrates the commitment and assurance we encompass in the work we perform;
  • To work with our clients as strategic business partners. Our approach brings clear strategic thinking and value added solutions to help our clients in optimizing their operational and business potential while observing strict confidentiality ;
  • To steadily grow in competence, resources and rewards; and meanwhile at the same time contributing to the growth of the accountancy profession and towards the national economy of Nepal.
  • To provide its clients significant value added benefits through the development of multinational client services, including taxation, corporate finance and e-commerce, business opportunities and the sharing of knowledge and skills.
  •  To enhance the accounting profession in Nepal, through upholding applicable and appropriate Accounting Standards, enhancing the auditing capability, and making the accounting profession recognizable by all quarters. This will help the accounts be more transparent and shall benefit all the stakeholders including donor agencies.
  •  To be proactive and observe independence and objectivity of thought and action while maintaining high degree of professional competence and due care and professional behavior.
  • To strive continually for the improvement of professional skills and competence and enhance the capability of the firm by arranging internal & external training/workshop, etc.