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Business planning and feasibility report

Abusiness plan is a strong business tool, especially for the small business owner. A well-prepared business plan will provide you with valuable insight into your business, its potential for success, and the areas in which you may want to fine-tune your operating model.

It provides you with every detail about your business and allows you to review the hard, clear facts that are needed to make strong and successful business decisions, even if it means starting the business over. A business plan can be used for several things such as:

  • Help you obtain investment capital
  • Learn what sales benchmarks you need to reach
  • Figure out how many people to hire
  • Determine who your competitors are
  • Find the trends that are impacting your business today
  • Provides you clarity of the goals you have for your business
  • Helps your business to stay on track
  • Prepares your business for future

“Business Plan is like a “Blue Print” telling your investors how you will operate your business. You do need a business plan for your business to get funded; also it offers a step by step guide as you start your business. It acts as guidance and directs every decision you make going forward.”

GSN specializes in drafting extensively detailed business plans for start-ups and small & medium businesses. Our services offer a unique blend that combines advisory, consulting and business planning documentation. We analyze the viability of a project idea for which we take into consideration the market, technological, economic, legal, regulatory and operational aspects applicable for the project.

Our business planning services include:

  • Ideation & Feasibility Analysis
  • Industry Scenario Analysis
  • Economic Opportunity Analysis
  • Market Research & Survey
  • Best Practices Consulting
  • Business Plan Writing
  • Marketing Strategy & Planning
  • Financial Modeling
  • Cost & Pricing Analysis

Based on the information collated in the research phase, our team of analysts analyzes your business feasibility through an opportunity analysis. The methodology used for this phase includes market attractiveness, SWOT analysis, risks measurement and competitive positioning. The comprehensive feasibility study is then prepared in the form of a feasibility report by our team of consultants.

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