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Out Sourcing

“Outsourcing gives your business an edge over others in enhancing productivity. To remain competitive in an increasingly competitive world, businesses must boost operational efficiency wherever possible. Sooner or later, any company not operating efficiently will be out of business. Entrepreneurs are talented and this let them think that they can do it all. This mindset can really stall the growth of the business. By outsourcing day to day tasks, entrepreneurs gets more time to focus on generating revenue.”

Accounting Outsourcing

Accounting outsourcing services are collaborative, honed with customized engagement approach and industry specific expertise that will help you align better with your business priorities and take timely and informed decisions. Whether you are a small business owner, solo entrepreneur, or just a hard working person trying to get more done in less time, you can maximize your productivity by Account Outsourcing. Accounts outsourcing firms will prepare monthly financial statements, analyze profitability, manage accounts receivable/payable, and provide comprehensive payroll services and more.

While providing outsourced accounting services – the GSN team works with you as your Virtual Accountant ‘providing you support in other areas as well like:

  • Monthly Accounting Entries
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Monthly Management Reports
  • Accounts Payable Management
  • Accounts Receivable Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Fixed Assets management
  • Recording and Reconciling Payroll Transactions
  • Advice on accounting process and controls
  • Attending to auditor queries

Having a smart wife is luxury, but having a smart accountant is necessity

Payroll Processing

Hiring payroll processing services can offer businesses an appealing and beneficial alternative to managing payroll internally. Tedious administrative and routine works like calculating payroll, preparing checks, determining tax obligations, and maintaining accurate records can be burdensome and costly. Outsourcing payroll services can help you cut cost, save time and ensure accurate tax calculations. Our services include:

  • Processing salaries
  • Generating pay slips and reports
  • Calculating tax deductions
  • Handling other compliance matters
  • Organizing payments to employees through direct bank transfers
  • Compiling year-end tax report

Secretarial Services

UUnder Nepalese law, it is not possible to adopt a standard Memorandum or Articles of Association, enabling a company to undertake ―any legal activity. Our corporate lawyers will help you tailor the incorporating documents of your company with your specific needs in mind and enable your company to undertake your desired trading, holding, or other business activities. GSN provides top-notch company secretarial services.

As an officer of the company, a ―Company Secretary is responsible for the administration, maintenance, and filing of company records. As this is the backbone of any corporate governance regime, it is essential that it is undertaken responsibly. This requires experience and a thorough understanding of the legal and regulatory framework that applies to your organization. GSN offers a wide range of Company Secretarial Services that can be tailored to suit your requirements. Our service and confidentiality can be relied on from start to finish. Our corporate compliance and governance services include:

  • Maintaining and updating of statutory records
  • Submitting audit reports to the Companies Registrar Office;
  • Preparing & lodging of timely annual returns and/or notices with the Registry of Companies;
  • Issuing and authenticating company documents; and
  • Keeping you company up-to-date with the latest changes to statutory requirements and obligations.
  • Secretarial Due Diligence
  • Alteration in Articles of Association, authorized Share Capital; Change of name; Change in object clause

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