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Specialized Services

FDI in Nepal

The foreign inward investment in developing countries has outpaced the foreign investment in developed countries. Businesses have acknowledged developing countries as the major driver of growth over the coming years. This presents unprecedented opportunity for developing countries like Nepal, which can benefit from this transformation, if the countries work towards making the environment conducive to business. Foreign Direct Investment in Nepal increased by 5920.90 NPR Million in 2016. Foreign Direct Investment in Nepal averaged 2741.39 NPR Million from 2001 until 2016. Nepal Investment Summit, which concluded in the capital March 3, 2017, has garnered nearly $13.51 billion (equivalent to around Rs 1,446 billion) in foreign investment commitment.

The Ministry of Industry, during the two-day event, signed Letters of Intent with foreign investors for investment to this effect, which is more than half of the country’s GDP structure of $22.49 billion. Nepal’s northern neighbor China alone signed LoIs with the government to inject $8.3 billion in different sectors. Investors from Bangladesh have pledged to invest $2.4 billion, investors from Japan and the United Kingdom have signed LoIs to bring $1 billion investment each, while Sri Lankan and Indian investors have pledged to invest $500 million and $317 million, respectively in several sectors, including infrastructure, agriculture and tourism.

Though pledges do not necessarily mean that all of them will translate into investments, they are still a sign that the investor confidence has gone up. Nepal still has a long way to go in acquiring the benefits from FDI by integrating into the global economy. Foreign investment in Nepal is regulated and administered by the Foreign Investment and Technology Transfer Act and Industrial Enterprises Act. The Department of Industries (DOI) is the sole agency for administration and implementation of the Foreign Investment and Technology Transfer Act in Nepal. GSN is a one-stop solution for the foreign investors present in Nepal or looking to invest here. Our FDI consulting comprises a dedicated team of corporate lawyers and Chartered Accountants with all competencies required to assist foreign investors in Nepal.

Our Services:

  • Feasibility study and location analysis
  • Entry Options for Foreign Investors
  • Routes for Foreign investment
  • Setting up subsidiary, branch and liaison office in Nepal
  • Obtaining the necessary approvals and licenses
  • Tax advisory and compliance

“G.S.N. is a technology driven platform to provide world-class affordable and convenient professional services under the guidance of experienced team of professionals, whose knowledge & credentials are proven. We are committed to help entrepreneurs and business owners to start, manage and grow their business by simplifying everything related to legal, financial & taxation related regulatory framework of business so that they focus on innovation and expansion without having concern about compliance, which matters the most”

Startup’s Monitoring

The startup scene in Nepal has changed significantly over the last five–seven years, with new and young entrepreneurs coming up with innovative ideas every year. Today, though there is no official data, the number of successful startups in Nepal is estimated to be above 120. The Nepali startup scene is heading slowly but surely in a good direction.

Thinking of starting up something new on your own as an entrepreneur or walking with a vision to scale up your business, then one must remember that ―Good things never come easy. An entrepreneur will witness stumbling blocks on their way which might slow down the speed. Entrepreneurs at times get lost while moving ahead hence it is important to have proper guidance to step your foot on right direction. To create an entrepreneurial legacy and to guide entrepreneurs at odd time, startup services are developed by GSN.

Mostly when Entrepreneurs start out with an Idea, they feel they have the complete know-how to manage their affairs, which is usually not the case. Every individual has knowledge and confidence when starting out but as they grow and face real world, problems start arising. The problems could be what type of organization to have, how to manage equity, how to harness technology to the best optimal use etc. This is where their vision gets limited or they even don‘t have any idea of the pitfalls. A Mentor is the one who is experienced and thus has seen the path you are about to take, this experience comes handy when you are starting out as well as when you are stuck in the rut and not able to find a way forward.

At GSN we assist startups manage their funds, and align their strategy with the investments raised. This is critical because many of you entrepreneurs use your life‘s savings to make the leap into independence. Our Startup service is designed to accelerate entrepreneurship where your ideas will be guided by experts from different domain. Our expertise will facilitate entrepreneurs in odd times with experts‘ insight and best practiced management consulting. We are committed to help you survive and thrive in this fiercely competitive economy.

Under our Mentoring Service, we provide following services, where we have an expertise:

  • Product planning
  • Project guidance
  • Project Management
  • Business Management
  • Process Set Up
  • HR & Recruitment Solutions
  • Branding Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy & Planning
  • Business Growth Plan 10) Information Technology Adaption
  • Technology Solutions
  • Financial Planning
  • Equity Dilution
  • Investor Management

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