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Staff Continuity

We are committed to maintaining the same staff on engagements year-after-year. Our turnover rate is among the lowest in the accounting profession, allowing our professionals to develop valuable, timesaving relationships with our clients‘ staff and organization.


Your MFI requires the resources of a large firm and the local insight of professionals experienced in serving similar based MFI. Our professionals will provide you with the best of both accounting worlds – the personal service and understanding of local professionals, supplemented by the extensive, specialized knowledge of professionals nationwide.

No Surprises

We are dedicated to providing our MFI clients with personal attention and a ―hands on‖ approach to
avoid any surprises throughout the year. Our professionals will continue to solicit your input in advance
of the engagement to incorporate your input in our risk assessment process, fraud risks, business changes and the audit approach.


The importance of an independent, unbiased and objective audit cannot be overemphasized. We demand compliance with the profession‘s ethics and independence standards, and our over 6-year history of operating with integrity and objectivity confirms our commitment to excellence. All audit techniques, internal control review methodology and forms, and industry specialized audit programs used by our staff have been developed in compliance with the Nepal standards on Auditing. Every audit is subject to a ―cold review‖ by a partner. Our external review by the peer and interoffice inspection reviews, have demonstrated a consistent approach to extremely high quality audits. You can depend on the accuracy and quality of our work to help you make sound business decisions.


We will provide you with frequent updates and communication of accounting developments and changes in standards that affect you and the MFI industry. In addition, our senior level professionals will be committed to staying abreast of specific issues, and will take a proactive role in addressing them. Our local professionals have earned a reputation for helping similar MFIs meet their goals and fulfill their long-term missions.

Use of Technology

We have developed specific, computerized audit programs, allowing us to gain maximum flexibility in designing the audit approach at the lowest possible cost. Our staff and managers have undergone extensive training on the use of these audit techniques and relevant applications of these software programs.Our audit staff also uses software programs to simplify the routine aspects of audit fieldwork. We have incorporated other audit software into the process to perform analyses or analytical procedures on downloaded client files. These steps help to ensure that your audit team spends its time on substantive audit matters, not on routine clerical aspects of the audit.

Timely Resolution of Audit Issues

We are dedicated to continue to proactively address any issues during the engagement with your management. Our approach to resolving an issue, if one should arise, during the course of the engagement regarding management‘s recording, presentation of an accounting transaction, or the application of a new accounting standard, follows proactive approach. Within the country, our national resources include individuals who are active members of key professional standards setting bodies. As a result, our professionals can stay abreast of key issues affecting your industry and will communicate to you any
pronouncements that will impact your organization.

Extended Services

Increasingly, our MFI clients seek our assistance in connection with planning strategies, developing information on costs, and setting up new operations and administration. When you need help to deal with special problems in the setup and/or operation of your operations, we are ready to help with the people
and flexible solutions needed to get the job done

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